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To view more or order fine art prints or posters go to wwww.toddatteberry.com From an introduction to a one person show in the HKD Gallery for Digital Art in Detmold, Germany, Dream Landscapes: The intuitive symbolist by Hartwig Kopp Delaney At the first moment, the photographically captured landscapes, gardens, houses, and people appear real, yet the artist, Huntington Village, New York resident Todd Atteberry fashions reality just as subtlely as fantastical. A grown man dreams and allows us to participate in his dreams. With ease, the emotional colorful landscape transforms into a romantic, magic world. A noble and mature spirit creates compositions here of high artistic skill and sensibility. Wisdom and humor are mirrored within. Peace and harmony. Simultaneously and without contradiction, they are melancholic, thoughtful, and lure the viewers in to the depths of their own souls, but not into the depths of horror and dread, but rather in the childlike spheres of curiosity and dreaming. _________________________________________ Todd's work has been shown on the New York Times, Indianapolis Post, CNN, Broadway World and BBC websites, multiple selections of the Karma Photo of the Day, and travel sites for Savannah, Georgia; Donegal, Ireland and Bath, England. According to Todd, "the weirdest place I've found one of my photos is a website dedicated to the secrets of Sarah Palin, which I find curious as I have nothing whatsoever associated with that woman. But as the piece in question goes against nearly everything she stands for, I can live with that."

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